martes, 5 de abril de 2011

Serie de consejos para hablar en inglés: Abreviaturas

¿Nunca se encontró en cartas o correos electrónicos con palabras cortas extrañas que no comprende? ¿Qué significan?

Aquí tiene una lista práctica para aclararle el panorama. Algunas de las abreviaturas, marcadas con un *, también se usan en el habla cotidiana.

a/c: account (“Re. the American a/c, …”)
AGM*: annual general meeting (“TBD at next AGM in March,” pron. “ay-gee-em”)
AOB: any other business (por lo general al final del orden del día de una reunión)
approx.: approximately (“Delivery takes approx. 4 days.”)
asap*: as soon as possible (“Pls do this asap,” pron. “ay-ess-ay-pee”)
asst: assortment (“Please send asst of products.”)
atm: at the moment (“Can’t decide atm – will let you know.”)
attn: for the attention of (al comienzo de cartas, faxes, etc.: “Attn: Mr Jones”)

b/c: because (“Have to cancel meeting b/c Mr Jones is unwell.”)
btw: by the way (“Btw, how was your holiday?”)

cc*: copy to (“I’ll put him on cc,” pron. “see-see”)
cd: could (“Cd you please get in touch with our sales dept?”)
CEO*: chief executive officer (“She’s our CEO,” pron. “see-ee-oh”)
cf: compare with (“Cf January orders.”)
CIO*: chief information officer (“Mr Jones is our CIO,” pron. “see-eye-oh”)
c/o: care of (por lo general sobre una dirección, “Please send it c/o Mr Jones.”)
cob: close of business (“It should be ready today cob.”)
cod: cash on delivery (“Please pay cod.”)
crm: customer relationship management (“The company has excellent crm.”)
cv*: curriculum vitae (“Please send your cv with your application,” pron. “see-vee”)

dept: department (“He’s in the sales dept.”)
devt: development (“January saw good devt.”)
diff.: difference (“Please specify diff. between products A and B.”)

e.g.*: for example (“Different depts., e.g. marketing, sales,” pron. “ee-gee”)
EGM: extraordinary general meeting (“TBD at an EGM,” pron. “ee-gee-em”)
encl.: enclosed (“Pls find attachment encl.”)
eob: end of business (“Please finish by eob.”)
eod: end of day (“To do by eod.”)
esp.: especially (“This is esp. interesting.”)
ETA: estimated time of arrival (“ETA two o’clock.”)
et al: and everyone else (“Mr Jones, Mr Brown et al.”)
etc. (et cetera): and the rest (“Marketing, sales etc.”)

FAQ: frequently asked questions (“Here are some FAQs.”)
fig.: figures (“Here are sales figs for 2010.”)
FOB: freight on board (“This will be sent FOB.”)
fwd: forwarded (“Pls fwd to Mr Jones.”)
FYA: for your attention (al comienzo de un documento)

HQ*: headquarters (“See you at HQ,” pron. “aitch-queue”)
hr: hour (“It will take approx. 2 hrs.”)

El mes que viene le traeremos más.